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GDPR in practice - e-learning

On 25 May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into effect. This European legislation wants to improve the protection of personal data. This training course answers all the questions you may have as an employee concerning the GDPR.


Niveau Niveau de base
Type de formation E-learning


  • Banque: 0.5 p/h
  • Compliance: 0.5 p/h
  • Assurances: 0.5 p/h
  • Crédits hypothécaires: 0.5 p/h
  • Crédits à la consommation: 0.5 p/h

Recyclage régulier

Examen/Recyclage 500176 C + H permanent education mortgage loans
500176 C + H permanent education consumer loans

Groupe cible

The training course can be taken by various target groups which are active in the following functions, among others:

Connaissances préalables

Basic level: Mainly covers theoretical concepts to provide a general overview (introduction).


The training course consists of two interactive modules in which theory, videos and exercises are combined.


Module 1

The impact of the GDPR legislation on personal data:

Module 2

The impact of the GDPR directive on organisations and the responsibility of employees:

At the end of each module you will get a number of test questions. Passing this test (minimum rate 75%) entitles you to training points.

Practical aspects

Subscription information


An ‘E-learning’ is 100% self-study. You log in individually on the MyFA learning platform and process, at your own pace, learning content that is provided to you via an interactive presentation. You can follow this online training wherever, whenever and as often as you want. The teaching material consists of a digital format with text, video, images, animations, test questions and/or references to relevant documents and/or websites.

Type of course:

Training material:

Bank: De opleiding betreft de technische kennis m.b.t. de financiële producten in bank- en beleggingsdiensten overeenkomstig art. 7, §1, 1°, b en c van het K.B. van 1 juli 2006.

Banque: Les connaissances techniques relatives aux produits financiers et aux services bancaires et d'investissement, conformément à l'article 7, §1, 1°, b et c. de l'AR du 1er juillet 2006.

Verzekeringen: De opleiding betreft de technische kennis m.b.t. de onderscheiden verzekeringstakken, overeenkomstig art. 270 van de wet van 4 april 2014.

Assurances: Les connaissances techniques relatives aux différentes branches d'assurance, conformément à l'article 270 de la loi du 4 juillet 2014.